When it comes to spring cleaning, the first thing most everyone thinks about is their home. And although going through your garage and basement and getting rid of a bunch of stuff and cleaning is essential to having a healthy home, there is another way for you to get your spring cleaning on. But how? Taking better care of your body. And, with summer just around the corner, there really is no better time than now to take better care of your body and live healthier. From taking supplements to exercising more, this article will take a closer look at a few things you can do. 

1. Take Supplements

It can be hard to get all of the critical nutrients, vitamins, and minerals from the food that we eat. It can be even harder to get all of the other things our bodies need. In addition to eating a diet that's enriched with vitamins, also consider taking some supplements. Supplements are great because they can help you get all of the essentials along with some of the other things that you may not know much about like amino acids. Just make sure that you are consistent about taking them every day. 

2. Watch Your Sugar

No, you don't have to go completely off of sugar when spring cleaning your body, but try to watch your sugar intake. For instance, rather than eating candy at work, consider bringing fresh fruit like strawberries or grapes. And, try to really save your desserts for fun occasions like the weekends or a date night. Then, you will feel like you're not limiting yourself so much (which can cause people to binge), but you're still in control of just how much excess sugar you are eating. 

3. Get Active

Most people live a fairly sedentary lifestyle, which is why smartwatches really have taken over most people's wrists. As an incentive to reach your "10,000 steps every day" smartwatches are a great way to get up and keep moving. But, how can you keep moving? Find something that you love to do and make small changes. For instance, rather than taking the elevator at work, consider taking the stairs. Or, instead of checking social media in your lunch break, go for a small walk outside. All of these small changes accompanied by a few workout classes a week will really make a big difference. 

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