Noni juice is taken from the fruit of the noni plant, a plant which grows from lava-encrusted areas in the Pacific. Although it has been used for medicine for thousands of years, it is still uncertain to what extent the juice provides health benefits, but with its potassium-rich fruit, it certainly cannot hurt you either. There is just one thing you should know: stay away from any noni juice that has been processed and only buy natural noni juice. Here is why.

Processed Noni Juice Has Preservatives and Sugar Added

Noni juice is often extracted by fermenting the fruit and then straining off the juice. It has a very pungent smell. That smell is one which juice manufacturers choose to hide with preservatives and extra sugar added to the juice. To make the juice shelf stable, they may also boil it before vacuum-sealing it in jars. This can affect the potency of the potassium as well as any other valuable nutrients in the juice, not to mention the fact that any diabetic who is attempting to take the juice to balance blood sugar is in for an unpleasant surprise.

Processed Noni Juice May Be Heavily Diluted

To make it more palatable, some noni juice companies may also dilute their noni juice with water, pear juice or apple juice. While it is still juice and probably still 100% juice when mixed with other juices, it is not 100% noni juice, which is what you want. Diluting the noni juice completely defeats the purpose for which you want to drink/take this health supplement. It is the equivalent to taking a microgram of aspirin dust to prevent a heart attack rather than taking a whole aspirin tablet. On the other hand, if you find and buy 100% all natural noni juice with nothing added, you are getting exactly what you wanted.

Where and How to Buy Natural Noni Juice

Almost every health food store and vitamin supplement store may have noni juice on the shelves or in their refrigerated section. Bypass the shelf-stable stuff as it has been cooked and preserved in order to sit there. Head for the refrigerated section, find the noni juice, and make sure the label says "100% all natural noni juice, no preservatives, no added sugar." This is the noni juice you want and the noni juice you should buy. Fair warning: it is powerful stuff and may curl your upper lip.